Therapies & early intervention help for your child


The focus of early intervention is to help children on the autism spectrum in a way that minimizes the delay in their development caused by disorders such as autism, Asperger's syndrome and PDD-NOS. Early appropriate therapies can make a significant difference in more productive, satisfying, emotionally connected lives.

Introduction to early intervention

These fact sheets help to provide a guide to many of the intervention therapies that exist for autism, Asperger's Syndrome and other Autism Spectrum Disorders. Please note that developing communication skills is a vital part of early intervention. Strategies for this are available in the Communication & Education section of this website.

An introduction to early intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Selecting an intervention therapy
Working through the maze of interventions available
What is an evidence-based treatment?
Guide to a low cost intervention program for your child
How to tell if an early intervention really worked
How to avoid unethical intervention providers
Overview of the main interventions

BEHAVIORAL interventionS for autism & Aspergers syndrome

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
Answers to common questions
Choosing an ABA therapist
Using ABA in pretend play
Using ABA to listen to stories
Using ABA to listen to conversations
Using ABA in playing with others
Using ABA for narrating in play
Using ABA for appropriate play

Other behavioral interventions

Lovaas program & Discrete Training Trials
Positive Behavior Support
Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention
Pivotal Response Therapy
Naturalistic Teaching

sensory integration therapies

Introduction to sensory integration problems
Main type of Sensory Integration Therapy
Computers as an intervention
Multisensory stimulation (Snoezelen)
Occupational, Auditory & Visual Therapies
Auditory Integration Training
Music therapy
Cranio Sacral Therapy
Other approaches

developmental interventions

Relationship Development Intervention
Introduction to Floortime
How to use Floortime with your child
Developmental Social-Pragmatic model
Responsive Teaching

combined interventions

TEACCH program
SCERT model
The Hanen program
The Son-Rise program

biomedical interventions

Gluten and casein-free diet
Low Salicylate or Feingold diet
Probiotic diet
Vitamins & herbs
Chelation & detoxification
Secretin and digestive enzymes
Gold salts and other treatments


Early diagnosis and intervention of Autism, Asperger syndrome and other Autism Spectrum Disorders
Early diagnosis and intervention of Autism, Asperger syndrome and other Autism Spectrum Disorders reduces the impact of developmental delays; examples include behavioral interventions like ABA, sensory integration and biomedical interventions.