Adults with autism, Aspergers & PDD-NOS


As with children, adults on the autism spectrum vary widely in terms of their ability to fit in with a non-autistic world. One adult may have severe intellectual disabilities and need constant full time care, while another may have a family, employment and friends, but struggle with certain issues.
Adults with autism, Asperger's syndrome or PDD-NOS, will be affected by what is often called the triad of impairments. This means that problems will be experienced to varying degrees with social communication, social understanding and imagination. A common feeling among adults on the autism spectrum is they feel as if they are living on a foreign planet where they are unsure of the 'rules' for social interaction, behavior and communication.
The fact sheets below provide information and practical tips on dealing with the many issues that arise as an adult on the autism spectrum:

Information, help & fact sheets

Adults thinking of getting a diagnosis
Adults with autism
Adults with Asperger's syndrome
Are autism & Aspergers disabilities or not?
Partners of people on the autism spectrum
When relationships are about to end
Coping with stress on the autism spectrum
Deep breathing as a relaxation technique
Strategies for social interaction
Guide to body language in a non-autistic world
Coping with panic attacks
Strategies for handling depression
Coping with anger on the autism spectrum
Getting your life organized
Self-confidence & the social game
The transition from school to college
Choosing the right job
Holding down a job
Bullying in the workplace
Flirting, dating, sexual relationships
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Autistic culture
Neurodiversity & the autism spectrum
Human rights & autism
The Autism Rights Movement

Survival guide for adults with Asperger's syndrome

This comprehensive guide to living with Asperger's syndrome was written by Mark Segar. It covers diverse issues such as stress, body language, eye contact, conversation skills, making friends, dating and employment. Click here to go to the first page.

Personal stories from adults on the spectrum

Inside view of autism by Temple Grandin
Beware the alien - life on another planet
What makes Sybelle an aspie?
Don't mourn for us
Life as a woman on the autism spectrum
An adult aspie answers questions from parents
If I knew then what I know now
Fighting resentment against a non-autistic world
Hope and positive thinking
What does being different mean?
Stigma, depression and Asperger's syndrome
Tips for parents from an adult with Asperger's

personal stories about relationships

Friendships, general relationships and Asperger's
Speak the truth or act the diplomat?
Learning social skills
Social problems and understanding emotions
Substituting intellect for emotional empathy
To tell or not to tell (someone about my Asperger's)
Dating issues for adults with Asperger's syndrome
What's at the center of the universe?
From diagnosis to my current circumstances

personal stories about employment issues

Employment and Asperger's syndrome
Advice for employers of aspie workers
Making the transition from school to work

personal stories about sensory problems

Sensory problems & visual thinking
Interview with Temple Grandin on living with autism
When the world won't shut up - sound sensitivity


Children with Asperger's syndrome, autism or PDD-NOS grow into adutlts and face new challenges...
Adults on the autism spectrum often say that they feel as if they are living on a foreign planet, as they struggle to fit in with the so called 'normal' behavior expected by the majority.