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While the Internet can help as a vast resource of information on autism, Asperger's syndrome, PDD-NOS and other developmental disorders, there is no guarantee on the quality of information provided. These links to autism PDD-NOS and Aspergers websites, blogs and forums, are given as a guide only. No guarantee can be made on the information provided, and you should research their information to confirm its accuracy.

websites for help with AUTISM, ASPERGERS SYNDROME & the autism spectrum

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that has formed the basis for some of the information on this site. Their information on the autism spectrum has won awards for its objectivity and evidence-based approach. Latest research on autism and interventions Plenty of free articles and personal stories on autism
Indiana Resource Center for Autism Large range of fact sheets A collection of fact sheets for parents Free Applied Behavior Analysis resources
AS & their partners Forum for adults on the spectrum and their partners
getting the truth out a fascinating site by a mute woman with autism

forums on AUTISM & ASPERGERS SYNDROME ISSUES Discussion forum, articles and a chat room
National Autism Society UK site for information on Autism & Asperger's Talk autism - the positive online community

other helpful sites

Self-advocacy resources
Self-advocacy resources in relation to disabilities, including online Interactive Self-Advocacy Planner, a guide to making contact with organizations, information downloads and a glossary of advocacy terms.

Behavior Advisor
This site has many generic tips on managing the behavior of children, along with some autism-specific sections. The site provides step-by-step directions for implementing a great number of standard interventions. It also contains a bulletin board on which you can post your disciplinary concerns and receive suggestions from teachers around the world.

Contact us

Sorry, contact details have been temporarily removed due to the high percentage of irrelevant emails sent.

Reproducing autism & Asperger's information from this site

Please note that copyright varies from article to article across this site. Check the bottom of each page for details. Where possible, information is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation agreement. Where copyright belongs to others who have allowed reproduction on this site, you must contact them if their conditions for reproduction are not mentioned.

Where copyright belongs to this site (NOT those of contributors to this site) reproduction of a non-commercial nature is allowed if the following acknowledgement is made:
"reproduced with permission from a range of fact sheets available at www.autism-org"

If this information is reproduced on a website, please note the web address must also have an active link back to this site. Use of this website's autism and Asperger's syndrome information without acknowledgement, or for commercial purposes, will be hotly pursued by a group of aggressive highly qualified legal staff who happen to be extremely bored at the moment.

contribuTing stories or information to this site

Please contribute! Personal stories are needed, particularly with an emphasis on practical strategies for how a certain issue was overcome. Fact sheets of a similar nature are appreciated. You will need to provide permission for reproduction, and whether you prefer your material to be under your copyright, or that of the GNU Free Documentation agreement. We can all use our hard-won experiences to help other parents who are at the beginning of the autistic journey. Join with the many who have contributed their knowledge and stories already.

linking to this autism site

You are encouraged to link to this site. Reciprocal links will only be considered but only if your website is non-commercial in nature and its sole purpose is providing comprehensive free objective information for parents of children on the autism spectrum, or for adults living with autism or Asperger's syndrome. This site will always remain non-commercial. It will not accept advertising, donations, or seek to make money in any way. Its sole aim is to provide objective comprehensive information for everyone free of charge.

Contacting the author of this website

DO NOT SPAM THIS SITE! I will automatically place a spam filter against the following requests:
- requests for any advertisements or promotions
- requests for promotion of any books, services, new research, events and 'cures'
- requests to upload stories that push a particular religion or intervention that is not evidence-based
- students wanting me to complete their assignments for them!
- requests for information about other USA-based autism associations (I"m in Australia!)
- requests for reciprocal links (subject to conditions in previous section).

Please note I won't promote "non-profit" books either. I'd suggest if you really want to help as many parents as possible, post your book on the Internet for free use by everyone. Many parents struggle to even afford a $10 book. Also, there are English-speaking families all around the world who could benefit from your material. Why sell it in just your country? (USA residents please note there is a whole other world out there! :-D ). Think big and help more families if possible. Many public libraries provide free Internet access for poor families.

Apologies to anyone looking for help and support, but it would be much better if you emailed or rang an autism or Asperger's association in your area. This website presents more than my sum total knowledge; if it isn't on this site, I won't be able to help any more than these fact sheets.

The only emails accepted are from people offering free objective practical information and/or stories for reproduction on this site, or in some way seeking to promote free objective practical information for parents and adults affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. If this applies to you, please send correspondence to ........... Please respect this email address; I am fed up with people trying to make money from people affected by autism and Asperger's!!!!

Please be patient if a response takes some time. This site has been compiled, researched, edited, written and designed by just one person on unpaid time.

why this autism site was developed

This site was developed by an Australian social worker as he was concerned that many autism and Asperger's syndrome associations were opting to sell their information instead of providing it freely. The philosophy of this website is that most parents are struggling financially to pay for interventions, and information from 'support services' should not be charging for their support, even if their government funding is marginal.

Although there are many websites dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders, there are few that have developed a comprehensive range of free fact sheets to provide practical information and strategies, both for people with autism or Asperger syndrome, and their families, carers, teachers, employers and the wider community.

Sponsor of this autism/Asperger's information site

The Brain Injury Association of Queensland is one of the few welfare agencies with a vision for providing a broad range of practical fact sheets, free of charge, to an international audience. Over 100 fact sheets deal with strategies for dealing with the many effects of a brain injury and are downloaded by thousands of people across the world each week. The Association has generously agreed to sponsor this site to enable the same support and information to be given to people faced with developmental disorders such as autism, Asperger's syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder and PDD-NOS.

Apart from sponsoring this site, they have also given permission for relevant information on behavioral strategies to be adapted for use in situations involving autism and Asperger's syndrome. Please note that many of their behavioral resources can be applied to cases involving autism or Aspergers syndrome.

Thanks to Wikipedia & other AUTISM ASSOCIATIONS

Some of the information on this website has been reproduced from Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia developed as a free resource by people around the world. A big thank you to everyone involved in their autism pages for volunteering to spread useful information free of charge. For more information on particular issues, try Wikipedia, especially for research and academic information. Citations and sources of research are usually included at Wikipedia, which have largely been omitted from this website.

Internationally, there are very few websites that provide a comprehensive range of fact sheets for free use. The following groups have shared their knowledge freely, and have been generous in allowing reproduction on this site. Many thanks in particular to:

• Richard Saffran's website at
• autism home page by Gary Heffner at MSN Groups.
Indiana Resource Center Autism


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