Support for parents dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders


Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) such as autism and Asperger's syndrome have major, far reaching effects for a child. There are also many indirect effects on parents, siblings, friends, teachers and the wider community. These fact sheets help with useful information and strategies for everyone affected by developmental disorders such as autism, PDD-NOS or Asperger Syndrome.


Handling the shock of a diagnosis
IQ tests and autism- guidelines for parents
Emotional impact of autism & Aspergers on parents
How do I know if an intervention will be effective?
Telling your child about their diagnosis
Balancing risk & independence for an autistic child
How family friends or extended family can help
Autism Spectrum Disorders & your child's development
How do I tell parents their child may have autism?
Bonding with your child
A message for parents from an autistic adult


Self-care strategies for parents
When your child goes back to school
Tips for parents from an experienced researcher
Depression & parenting a child on the autism spectrum
Respite care for parents of autistic children
Impact of autism or Aspergers on brothers & sisters


Physical problems to watch out for
Constipation & Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism, Asperger's syndrome, depression & suicide risk
If your child is feeling suicidal
Allergies, food sensitivities and autism
Exercise and Autism Spectrum Disorders
Strategies to prevent 'tip toe' walking


Helping your child to make friends
Sexual issues & autism
Masturbation & Autism Spectrum Disorders
Supporting your child through puberty
Holiday and travel tips and strategies
Starting your own support group
Handling discrimination
Alcohol and other drug issues
Introduction to self-advocacy for parents
Practical steps in self-advocacy for parents
Bullying at school & prevention strategies


Antipsychotic medication & autism


Autism, PDD-NOS and Asperger's syndrome have major, far reaching effects for parents: handling the diagnosis, choosing early interventions, coping with stress, depression, frustration and many other issues. There are also many indirect effects for siblings, friends, teachers and the wider community. These fact sheets aim to provide useful strategies for everyone affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders.



Have vaccinations caused autism?
Debate over causes & diagnosis of autism
Community, politics & culture of autism
Is there an autism epidemic?
Autism & Aspergers in books & movies
Why do more boys have autism than girls?
Government neglect of autism & Aspergers
Brain chemistry & autism
History of autism
Neurodiversity - a different view of autism
What is the Autism Spectrum Quotient?
Theory of Mind & autism
Mirror neuron theory as a cause of autism
Tunnel vision & Autism Spectrum Disorders
Irlen method & perceptual processing disorders
Interview: Richard Simpson on Asperger's
Lorna Jean King on Sensory Integration Therapy
Temple Grandin's 'hug machine'
Lying, theory of mind and autism
Stress, anxiety & Autism Spectrum Disorders
"Refrigerator mothers" as a cause of autism
Did Einstein & Isaac Newton have Aspergers?
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
Simon Baron-Cohen: autism researcher