help with Behavioral issues & learning life skills

Autism Spectrum Disorders (or Pervasive Developmental Disorders) can lead to a wide variety of behavioral issues emerging as a child develops. Parents of a child with autism, PDD-NOS or Asperger's syndrome can help to make a positive difference in their child's life by developing an understanding of their child's behavior and implementing behavioral strategies. These fact sheets are based on the principles underlying behavioral interventions, and help to provide useful information and strategies for parents with a child on the autism spectrum.

A brief introduction to managing behavior

Introduction to Behavioral issues

Common causes of behavioral problems
Looking for the message behind a behavior
Creating a behavior management program
Choosing behavior management strategies for the program
Behavior, socio-emotional development and autism
How behavior acts as a message to parents
Tips for better teaching of autistic children

Different behavioral strategies

The token economy system
Behavior charts
Positive reinforcement as a behavior management technique
From positive reinforcement to developing inner motivation
Social Stories as a way to modify behavior
Tactical ignoring for attention-seeking behaviors
Positive Behavior Support
Using contracts to encourage appropriate behavior
Other strategies for attention-seeking behaviors
Self-management of behavior
Rewards Tower approach to behavior management

Challenging behaviors

Introduction to challenging behaviors
Why punishment as behavior management is discouraged
Dealing with the triggers of challenging behaviors
Consequential management of behaviors
Managing tantrums
Strategies for when behavior is out of control
Self-injurious behavior - introduction
Self-injurious behavior - detailed strategies
Manipulative behaviors
Keeping a positive attitude to challenging behaviors
Strategies for rude, defiant or oppositional behaviors

Repetitive behaviors, PREOCCUPATIONS & RITUALS

Repetitive behaviors introduction
Self-stimulation or 'stimming'
Routines, compulsions & rituals: strategies for parents
Echolalia - repetitive speech patterns
Dealing with preoccupations


Introduction to toilet training
Current toilet training styles & practices
Motivating children on the autism spectrum
Sleeping problems and autism
Dressing and self-care skills
Strategies for dealing with fussy eaters
Eating and feeding issues
Treatments for toe walking
Coping with stress & anxiety
Theory of mind & communication


Many issues in behavior arise with Autism Spectrum Disorders such as Autism, PDD-NOS and Asperger Syndrome. Practical strategies and understanding can make positive changes with time and consistency.